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033012: Water Cooler News

Water Cooler News – March 30, 2012

Say hello to Friday! Like the old song says – “Everybody’s working for the weekend!” We now find ourselves face to face with another weekend and as you begin planning your weekend events lets make sure you have fun things to chat about throughout the day.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Florida 10-Year-Old Charged with Felony Trike Theft
  • Thieves Steal Front Lawn
  • Chinese Student Rescued After Napping on Ledge

You will also find some fun historical facts – both musical and general in nature – as well as a list of notable birthdays for this day.

Daily Mindbender Question
According to historians these became popular in the workplace in the early 1900’s.
What were they?

Answer at end of post!

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032912: Water Cooler News

Water Cooler News – March 29, 2012

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Water Cooler News! In this edition you will find the usual list of notable birthdays as well as some fun historical notes for today too.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Cops Searching for Kidnapped Lorax
  • Hallucinating Men Start Fire, Jump Out of Window to Escape Imaginary Bad Guys
  • Lotto Players Told They’re Billionaires by Mistake

Daily Mindbender Question
5% of women do this in a movie theater.
What is it?

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