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Water Cooler News – April 9, 2012

Welcome to Monday and welcome to the start of a new work week. Of course along the way we want to make sure you have fun things to chat about around the proverbial work water cooler so that means it’s time to kick off another week of the Water Cooler News too. You will find in this edition a list of notable birthdays and some interesting and cool historical tidbits from the history book too.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Three Drunk, Naked Men and a Car Wash
  • Man Tweets Police to Catch Speeding Drivers, Gets Caught Himself
  • Tattoo Gives Away Suspect’s Real ID

Daily Mindbender Question
75% of Americans say they do this more now than they did 20 years ago.
What is it?

Answer at end of the post!

Off-Beat News

“Three Drunk, Naked Men and a Car Wash”
Three British Columbia residents decided to cap off a night of drinking by getting naked and pushing themselves through a car wash in a shopping cart. Authorities in Abbotsford were called to the scene after neighbors of the 24 hour automated car wash heard loud noices from from inside the building. When officers arrived on the scene they found the intoxicated men putting their clothes back on. Police say the three were not hurt and were let go after receiving a warning about such behavior.


“Man Tweets Police to Catch Speeding Drivers, Gets Caught Himself”
A Swedish man who took to Twitter to alert police about speeding motorists near his home was a victim of his own eagerness to keep law and order. Authorities say Henrik Ismarker tweeted – “People drive too fast…and that’s why I asked police to set up a control”. The police did so and assigned officers to his neighborhood the next day. Then as Ismarker was driving along the same road, he was caught speeding and fined $358.


“Tattoo Gives Away Suspect’s Real ID”
Police often have to deal with criminals who provide a false name. But police in Twin Falls, Idaho had no problem figuring out the real identity of a 19 year old suspect because his real name was tattooed on his arm. When officers initially asked Dylan Contreras what his name was he said he was “Emiliano Velesco. Further investigation revealed his true identity tattooed on his arm and then officers discovered Contreras was wanted on three outstanding warrants.

Historical Notes

Today Is
National Cherish An Antique Day

Notable Birthdays
Hugh Hefner 86/founder-publisher, Playboy magazine
Michael Learned 73/actress, mother on TV’s The Waltons
Dennis Quaid 58/actor, Traffic, Any Given Sunday, The Rookie
Mark Pellegrino 47/actor, TV’s Dexter
Cynthia Nixon 46/actress, Sex and the City
Keshia Knight Pulliam 33/actress, TV’s The Cosby Show
Jay Baruchel 30/actor, Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up
Jesse McCartney 25/singer-actor, Summerland, Alvin & the Chipmunks
Kristen Stewart 22/actress, Twilight series
Elle Fanning 14/actress, Because of Winn-Dixie

Born on this date also known as the late
Carl Perkins 1932-1998/singer-songwriter-guitarist, “Blue Suede Shoes”
Avery Schreiber 1935-2002/comedian-actor, Burns & Schreiber

Music History
2003 – Paul McCartney purchased the entire song catalog of the late rockabilly singer Carl Perkins. Perkins is best known for the song “Blue Suede Shoes,” but The Beatles recorded covers of “Matchbox,” “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby,” and “Honey Don’t.”

1997 – Country singer-songwriter Mae Axton died at age 82. She co-wrote Elvis Presley’s classic, “Heartbreak Hotel” and was the mother of singer-songwriter Hoyt Axton.

1973 – Queen gave its first public performance at the Marquee Theater in London.

1970 – Paul Mccartney quit The Beatles.

1969 – David Bowie met his future wife, Angela Barnett, at the Speakeasy Club in London. He was there to see the debut of Robert Fripp’s new band, King Crimson.

1966 – The Righteous Brothers were at number one with “Soul & Inspiration.”

1966 – Guitarist Jeff Beck collapsed on stage during a Yardbirds gig in Marseilles, France.

1965 – The Rolling Stones made their UK TV debut on ITV’s Ready Steady Go.

1956 – Gene Vincent recorded his rock ‘n roll classic, “Be Bop A Lula.”

General History
1895 – Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

1912 – The first exhibition baseball game was held at Fenway Park in Boston. The game was between Red Sox and Harvard.

1913 – The Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ebbets Field opened.

1963 – British statesman Winston Churchill was made an honorary U.S. citizen.

1965 – The newly built Houston Astrodome hosted its first baseball game, an exhibition between the Astros and the New York Yankees. The Astros won, 2-1.

2003 – Marines took down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq after U.S. commanders declared his rule had ended.

2009 – The U.S. Postal Service revealed new stamps featuring The Simpsons.

2010 – The U.S. Navy announced it would be banning smoking on all U.S. submarines by the end of the year.

Daily Mindbender Answer
75% of Americans say they are “cussing” more now than they did 20 years go.
(I am not part of the 75%).

Yours in Water Cooler News Fun!

Dr. Rus

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