041612: Water Cooler News

Water Cooler News – April 16, 2012

Here we go for the start of a new work week! Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Water Cooler News! Making sure you have fun and interesting chit-chat material to use as you gather around the proverbial work water cooler through the day.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Old Lady Busted for Running “Major” Drug Operation
  • Coke Machine Dispenses Soda for a Hug
  • Firefighters Called to Free Woman Caught in Massage Machine

You will also find a list of historical notes – both musical and general in nature – along with a list of notable birthdays for this day too.

Daily Mindbender Question
27% of women say this is a major turnoff in a man.
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Off-Beat News Department

“Old Lady Busted for Running “Major” Drug Operation”
Police in Craig County, Oklahoma say they had “an extreme wow moment” when they realized a 73 year old woman was apparently behind a major drug operation. Officers from two departments received a tip that a large amount of marijuana was being sold from the home of Darlene Mayes. After a five month investigation police executed a search warrant and found guns, six pounds of marijuana and $277,000 in cash in the elderly woman’s farm home.


“Coke Machine Dispenses Soda for a Hug”
In a fun marketing plan aimed at helping the usually conservative Singapore people to lighten up a bit, soft drink giat Coca-Cola just unveiled a soda machine at the National University of Singapore. At first glance all looks normal with the machine. But where it usually says “Coca-Cola” on the machine the words read “Hug Me”. If a passerby complies with a gentle squeeze, the get rewarded with a coke.


“Firefighters Called to Free Woman Caught in Massage Machine”
A woman in China got into trouble when a massage machine she’d been using to relieve neck pain became entangle in her hair. When the woman’s family couldn’t free her, firemen were called to the scene. Officials say it took two hours of dismantling the machine before the woman was finally freed.

Historical Notes

Today Is
National Health Care Decisions Day

Notable Birthdays
Pope Benedict the Sixteenth 85/the Pontiff
Bobby Vinton 77/singer, “Melody of Love,” “Blue Velvet”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 65/basketball hall-of-famer
Jimmy Osmond 49/singer, youngest Osmond brother
Martin Lawrence 47/actor-comedian, TV’s Martin
Jon Cryer 47/actor, Two and a Half Men
Peter Billingsley 41/actor, A Christmas Story, Producer Iron Man, Iron Man 2

Born on this day also known as the late
Henry Mancini–1924-1994/composer, “The Pink Panther Theme”
Dusty Springfield–1939-1999/singer, “I Only Wanna Be with You”
Gerry Rafferty–1947-2011/singer-guitarist, “Baker Street”
Charlie Chaplin–1889-1977/actor, silent film era
David Graf–1950-2001/actor, Tackleberry in Police Academy films

Music History
1996 – KISS announced a reunion tour during which they’ll wear makeup.

1993 – Paul McCartney headlined an Earth Day concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Also on the bill were Ringo Starr, Don Henley and Steve Miller.

1993 – Ex-Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth was arrested in New York City’s Washington Square Park for allegedly buying a $10 bag of pot.

1977 – David Soul, “Hutch” on TV’s Starsky & Hutch, had the number one song on the U.S. Pop chart, “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby.”

1974 – Queen held its first U.S. concert, at Regis College in Denver.

1973 – Paul McCartney starred in his first TV special, James Paul McCartney.

1972 – Electric Light Orchestra made its live debut at the Fox & Greyhound Club in Croydon, England.

1969 – Johnny Cash taped the first of his weekly ABC shows at the Ryman Auditorium.

1966 – The Rolling Stones released their Aftermath LP.

1964 – The Rolling Stones’ first LP was released in the U.K. It went to number one there two weeks later.

1956 – Buddy Holly released his first single, “Blue Days, Black Nights.”

General History
1789 – President-elect George Washington left Mount Vernon, Virginia, for his inauguration in New York.

1862 – A bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia became law.

1912 – Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.

1935 – The radio comedy program Fibber McGee and Molly premiered on NBC’s ‘Blue’ Network.

1940 – The first no-hitter to be thrown on an opening day of the Major League Baseball season was earned by Bob Feller. The Cleveland Indians beat the Chicago White Sox 1-0.

1943 – The hallucinogenic effects of the synthetic drug LSD-25 were discovered by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman. Widespread use didn’t begin until the ‘60s, and LSD was made illegal in the U.S. in 1965.

1945 – U.S. troops reached Nuremberg, Germany during World War Two.

1962 – Walter Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of the CBS Evening News.

1972 – Apollo 16 blasted off on a voyage to the moon. It was the fifth manned moon landing.

1985 – Mickey Mantle was reinstated after being banned from baseball for several years for being a paid employee of an Atlantic City casino.

1991 – Sir David Lean, director of Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, died in London at age 83.

1996 – Britain’s Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah, the Duchess of York, announced they were in the process of getting a divorce.

1999 – Wayne Gretzky announced his retirement from the National Hockey League.

2009 – Legendary football coach and NFL broadcaster John Madden announced his retirement.

Daily Mindbender Answer
27% of women say “foul language” is a major turnoff in a man.

Yours In Water Cooler News Fun!

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