042412: Water Cooler News

Water Cooler News – April 24, 2012

Welcome to Tuesday and welcome to another edition of the Water Cooler News! Making sure you have fun things to chat about through the day you will find a list of notable birthdays and some fun historical notes here too.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Would-Be Thief Learns Chained Planes Don’t Fly
  • Woman Bites Another over Parking Spot
  • Forensics Cop Arrested for Licking Woman’s Hair

Daily Mindbender Question
By the time kids reach 5th grade one third of all American children have this in common.
What is it?

Answer at end of post!

Off-Beat News

“Would-Be Thief Learns Chained Planes Don’t Fly”
A former flight student tried to steal a Cessna at Compton-Woodley Airport in Compton, California. But his dramatic escape from police couldn’t get off the ground thanks to a tail chain. Authorities say 25 year old Troy Daniel Long allegeldy slipped into the aiport and grabbed keys to planes and then pulled out a gun when employees tried to stop him. While Sheriff’s Deputies raced to the scene, Long attempted to steal the plane but couldn’t get off the ground as the Cessna was chained to the runway.


“Woman Bites Another over Parking Spot”
A San Francisco motorist got a taste of road rage when a female driver allegedly flipped out and started biting her in an attack over a parking spot. Authorities report Sara Gillan was stunned to see another driver “swoop” into a parking space for which she was waiting for in The Bayview area. She was allegedly confronted by the driver who bit hier on the arms and chest.


“Forensics Cop Arrested for Licking Woman’s Hair”
A forensics expert on leave from a Police Department in Japan was arrested for licking a female’s hair. Officials say 50 year old Tetsuya Ichikawa allegedly approached a 25 year old woman from behind and started licking her hair. When asked why he did it, Ichikawa told officers – “I wanted to lick her hair, so I did it”.

Historical Notes

National Teach Your Children To Save Day

Notable Birthdays
Shirley MacLaine 78/actress, Terms of Endearment, The Apartment
Barbra Streisand 70/singer-actress-director
Richard Sterban 69/bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys, “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue”
Doug Clifford 67/drummer, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Glenn Cornick 65/ex-bassist, Jethro Tull
Jack Blades 58/singer-bassist, Night Ranger
Eric Bogosian 59/actor, Talk Radio, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Michael O’Keefe 57/actor, TV’s Roseanne, Caddyshack, Bonnie Raitt’s ex-husband
Cedric the Entertainer 48/actor-comedian
Kelly Clarkson 30/singer, original American Idol winner

Music History
1963 – Little Peggy March had the number one single with “I Will Follow Him.” At 15 years old, she was the youngest female singer to have a number one single.

1961 – Bob Dylan earned a $50 session fee for playing harmonica on Harry Belafonte’s recording of “Midnight Special.”

General History
1800 – Congress approved a bill establishing the Library of Congress.

1953 – Queen Elizabeth the Second knighted British statesman Winston Churchill.

1961 – Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers struck out 18 batters, becoming the first major-league pitcher to do so on two different occasions.

1982 – Actress, model and activist Jane Fonda began a career as exercise guru with the release of Workout, the first of her many bestselling aerobics video tapes.

2000 – ABC aired the TV movie The Three Stooges.

2008 – Actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced Thursday to the maximum, three years in prison, for failing to file tax returns.

Daily Mindbender Answer
By the time kids reach 5th grad 1/3 of all American children will be “overweight”.

Yours in Water Cooler News fun!

Dr. Rus

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