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Water Cooler News – May 2, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday and welcome to the middle of another work week! As you start planning for your weekend it’s also time to make sure you have fun things to chat about through the day.

From the off-beat news department…

  • Woman Bites Dog and Vice Versa
  • Naked Drunk Man Drives into Home
  • Centenarian Sets New Mark for…Paragliding

Of course you will also find a collection of historical notes and a list of notable birthdays for this day too.

Daily Mindbender Question
78% of women believe this is an absolute must to take when going to a dealership to buy a car.
What is it?

Answer at end of post!

Off-Beat News

“Woman Bites Dog and Vice Versa”
A 19 year old Indiana woman was arrested after apparently sparking a drunken row at her home that escalated when she repeatedly bit the family dog. Police in Lake in the Hills, Illionois say Analise J. Garner was in a “drunken fit” when she punched and scratched her mother and attacked her bulldog by biting him on the back of the shoulder. The dog responded in kind by biting the suspect back.


“Naked Drunk Man Drives into Home”
A 22 year old Muncie, Indiana man is in the hospital after a rampage that saw him allegedly climbing a telephone pole, stealing a pickup truck and crashing it into a house – while intoxicated and naked. Officials say Aaron Zachery Latham is facing a number of charges in connection with the incident.


“Centenarian Sets New Mark for…Paragliding”
Peggy McAlpine is 104 years old and wants everyone to know she is not going to let some young 101 year old whipper-snapper show her up. McAlpine entered the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of 99 when she became the oldest person to go para-gliding. Her record stood until September of last year when 101 year old Mary Allen Hardison of Utah set a new mark for the oldest person to para-glide. When McApline her about it, she immediately made plans to get the record back. She got it back two weeks ago when she made a tandem para-glide after leaping off a peak in Cyprus.

Historical Notes

Today Is
Batman Day – This day in 1939 the first Batman comic was published
Great American Grump Out – 11th Annual – The Grump Out asks all you sour pusses to suck it up and refrain from getting your grump on — at least for 24 hours. That includes no grumping, no frowning, no grousing, complaining, punching, slapping, hitting or killing. FOR ONE WHOLE DAY.
Roberts Rules of Order Day

Notable Birthdays
Engelbert Humperdinck 76/singer
Lesley Gore 66/singer, “It’s My Party”
Larry Gatlin 64/country singer-songwriter
Lou Gramm 62/singer, Foreigner
Jo Callis 57/vocals, Human League
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 40
Jenna Von Oy 35/actress, Six on TV’s Blossom, The Parkers
Sarah Hughes 27/Olympic figure skater

Born on this date also known as the late
Bing Crosby–1904-1977/singer-actor, “White Christmas”
Randy Cain–1945-2009/singer, The Delfonics, “La-La (Means I Love You)”
Lorenzo Music–1937-2001/voice actor, Carlton on TV’s Rhoda, voice of Garfield
Roscoe Lee Browne–1925-2007/actor, narrator of Babe

Music History
2005 – Eric Clapton reunited with his former Cream bandmates Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce for the first of four nights at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It had been 36 years since the band split up.

1992 – A little-known UK duo named Nirvana sued the superstar Seattle-based band of the same name, claiming they had been using the name since 1968. The suit was settled out of court in the British band’s favor.

1989 – A security guard called the police after a man wearing a wig, fake moustache and false teeth walked into a Zales Jewelers in Los Angeles. Three squad cars arrived and police detained the man, who turned out to be Michael Jackson in disguise.

1981 – Sheena Easton began a two-week run at the top of the singles chart with “Morning Train (9 to 5).”

1979 – The Who performed their first concert after the death of Keith Moon. Kenney Jones, formerly of Faces, was the new drummer.

1979 – The Who’s movie Quadrophenia premiered in London.

1976 – The number one song in the country was “Welcome Back,” by John Sebastian. It was the theme to the ABC sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter, which starred Gabe Kaplan and John Travolta.

1966 – The Mamas & The Papas had the number one single with “Monday, Monday.”

1963 – The Beatles had their first U.K. number one single with “From Me To You.” It was the first of 11 consecutive number ones in Britain.

General History
1519 – Artist-inventor Leonardo Da Vinci died at Cloux, France.

1885 – Good Housekeeping was first published

1939 – The first Batman comic was published.

1941 – The Federal Communications Commission agreed to let regular scheduling of TV broadcasts by commercial TV stations begin on July 1st, 1941. This was the start of network television.

1972 – J. Edgar Hoover died in Washington D.C. at age 77. He was head of the FBI for 48 years.

1974 – The filming of Jaws began in Martha’s Vineyard.

2008 – Iron Man opened in theaters, raking in an estimated 32.5 million dollars on opening day. The Marvel Comics flick starring Robert Downey Jr. went on to gross more than 300 million dollars at the box office and set the scene for 2012’s The Avengers.

Daily Mindbender Answer
78% of women believe they must take “their husband or another male” when going to a dealership to buy a car.

Yours in Water Cooler News fun!
Dr. Rus

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